Board of Directors

  • Linda Kozlowski


    “In December 2007, our community experienced hurricane-force winds with cold temperatures and snow. All access to the outside world was cut off, and we had a community that cared but with no organized way to help. Within two months of that storm, the Emergency Volunteer Corps was formed. We now have over 300 volunteers trained, organized and ready to help; a community better able to take care of themselves; emergency infrastructure; and three villages working well together and helping each other. It is a joy to be part of this amazing team!”
  • Peter Nunn

    Vice President, Mass Care

    “Having seen firsthand in Australia and Indonesia how implementing a well-conceived emergency action plan can mitigate the chaos that ensues from a natural or man-made disaster, I am driven to share this experience with my community. We know the risks that we face in this location. We can save lives and reduce misery by being prepared.”
  • Margaret Steele

    Vice President, Strategy

    “I realized how vulnerable our community is to disaster during the big winter storm in December 2007, when we were cut off and without electricity for five days or more. As a retired physician, I realized that people in our community would not be able to get to their usual sources of medical care in such a situation, and that I could help. Knowing that there were quite a few medical professionals in the area, both retired and not, a few of us organized a unit of the Medical Reserve Corps. We’ve worked with the Emergency Volunteer Corps from the beginning, integrating medical care concerns with all the other preparedness activities in the community. It’s still a work in progress (that is, there’s always more work to do), but we’re a lot better prepared now!"
  • Karen Harshbarger


  • Bruce Maxwell


    My interest in amateur radio led me into the sciences in college. I earned my first ham license in 1962 and assembled a transmitter from a kit. My interest has never waned over the years. With advances in technology, it is as strong as ever. Using one of the newest digital communication mode, I've made contacts all over the world. Offering my skills to the EVCNB seemed only natural.
  • Jo Cooper

  • Velda Handler

  • Jacki Hinton

  • Paul Knight

  • Dave Dillon


    “During my career in the Navy, I was called upon to respond to a number of disasters. I found that those people who had thought through – in advance – what they might have to do in these kinds of situations fared better. The EVCNB provides our area a core group of citizens who have done this thinking and will be able to lead others to safety, survival and recovery.”
Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay