Manzanita Operations Center Haiku*
Emergency Volunteer Corps Kitchen Crew and Friends
16 October 2016
(transcribed by Phyllis Thompson and friends)

We were so lucky
that tornado didn’t come
two, three blocks closer.

Message to Heroes
Sit down. Eat something.
Breathe. . .Relax for five minutes
Then back to front line.

I’ve gotta move this.
They sent us thirty buckets
we don’t need right now.

If there hadn’t been
a tornado, it was just
early winter storm.

The Day After
Woke up this morning:
What’s that roof out my window
where a tree once was?

*A haiku is a simple poem of 17 syllables.  First line, 5 syllables.  Second line, 7 syllables.  Third line, 5 syllables.  Originally, they are Japanese and probably much more complicated in that language.