Our Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corps was represented by Linda Kozlowski and Peter Nunn at the December meeting of the Oregon Tsunami Conference held in Florence, Oregon.  Representatives from across the state presented a wide range of topics concerning  “The Big One.”  How likely is it?  What areas will be affected the most?  What’s being done by these communities?

At this writing, a summary of the conference isn’t available, but the Power Point presentations from the conference have been posted online.  Two of these presentations should be of interest to our community, one presented by Kozlowski and Nunn and one by George R. Priest of the Oregon Department of Geology and Minerals (DOGAMI).

The presentation slides from the Kozlowski/Nunn presentation may be viewed here.  Unfortunately we don’t have the running commentary, but the slides seem self-explanatory enough.  I found the one presented by George Priest to be of interest also, view it here.

If you wish to look at all the files, they are available here.