Do you have an interest in taking part in a WaSH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) program teaching your neighbors how to purify water and exercise safe sanitation and hygiene procedures in the event of a disaster?  If your answer is “Yes,” the Emergency Volunteer Corps has scheduled a class

                            On Saturday, January 14 , 2017, 9am to 1:00 pm (max)

                             RSVP Required By January 10 , 2017
Reserve your spot with Dave Boone at

Need For WaSH: All of us who live on the Oregon coast are all faced with the prospect of losing access to safe drinking and washing water as well as toilet facilities if there is a disaster such as a major earthquake and tsunami.  Following such an event, it is likely that it will be weeks if not months before the water and sewer systems are fully functional. It is crucial that everyone in our area have the capability to purify water, be able to practice effective sanitation and use proper hygiene procedures to avoid the spread of diseases such as cholera that can result from unsafe water and poor hygiene.

Purpose of Trainer Class:   This class is intended to prepare you to serve as a trainer in subsequent WaSH classes and pass your knowledge along to your neighbors.

Content of Class:   This class is designed to give you the skills, knowledge and basic equipment to (1) purify water for drinking and household use; (2) practice effective sanitation to deal with human and pet waste; and (3) learn procedures for effective hygiene to avoid the spread of disease.  During the class everyone will make a water filtration system using a ceramic filter and 5-gallon buckets and a hand washing device with a foot pedal. By the end of this class, everyone should be comfortable with how to assemble the water purification, sanitation and hygiene items and have a working knowledge of their use and importance so you can pass this knowledge and skills along to your neighbors.

The class costs $99.00, cash or check made out to the EVC (Emergency Volunteer Corps)—no credit cards.  This covers the at-cost-price of the water purification and sanitation items you will take home for your own use.  This costs covers the water filtration system, including filter, and a hand washing device you assemble in class.  You will also leave with 5 additional, labeled, 5-gallon buckets and other materials for water purification and sanitation.

Location and Length of Class:  The class will be held in the Manzanita police station (old fire station), 165 South 5th Street in Manzanita.  Please park in lot across the street — spaces in front of building are for police use.  The class will start at 9 am and end about 1:00 pm. There will not be a lunch break but you can bring your lunch if you wish.