Have you ever thought about getting your ham license so you can move from just the local GMRS nets to the wider area of ham radio?  A chance to do just this is in the offering.  Over a Friday evening and an all-day Saturday session you can study for and take the exam for a Technician Class ‘ham ticket.”

Bruce (N5GB) and Bill (KE7VBS) have pitched in together once more to teach the class.  As a participant, you’ll be schooled in what you need to pass the exam.  The exam covers some basic radio material along with proper procedures for the Tech license.  It’s an easy, 35-question multi-choice exam.  Easy, but you need to study!  Bruce and Bill will help.

The class is free, but the exam has a fee of $15.  These exams must be ordered ahead of time, and Bruce needs a head count.  Please RSVP to president@evcnb.org.  You’ll need to bring whatever supper and lunch you want yourself.  There should be coffee and water available.

Mark your calendars:

Ham Technician License Class

September 22 and 23

Friday 4pm to 7pm; Saturday 10am to 4pm

Nehalem Bay Fire Station 13

36375 N. Highway 101