Let’s face it, when something breaks down, we need to talk about it.  It may be as simple as the lights going out.  It might be that Big One we keep talking about.  Regardless, the more information we can gather, the better decisions we can make.  Our Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay have tirelessly worked to create a chain of communication.  It’s called our Yellow Radio.  Over the past year or so, many of you have purchased this radio, this way of communicating.

But simply owning a tool doesn’t mean we know how to use it.  Many of your friends have devoted countless hours making sure hands-on experience is available.  Everyone starts somewhere, and the class entitled Yellow Radio 101 has been the starting point for many.  YR101 offers the most basic information. The results have been fantastic!

YR 101
• Class content and organization fully revised and restructured
• 117 individuals trained Jan thru Oct 2017
• 21 registered for Nov and Dec 2017 classes
• 138 individuals expected to complete YR101 in 2017!!!

Yellow Radio 102 was created as the next step beyond YR101.  In this class, advanced communication skills are learned.  This class, too, has provided valuable experience.

YR 102
• New course created, beta tested and rolled out
• 45 individuals trained May thru Oct 2017
• 16 currently registered for Nov and Dec 2017 classes
• At least 61 individuals to complete YR 102 in 2017!!!

As a community, we are better equipped than ever!  Thanks to all who’ve stepped up to be part of the solution.  Thanks, too, to a great team leading this entire effort.

Congratulations to our 2017 Training Team
John Beaston- Susan Hayden – Steve Dexter
Paul Knight – Mike McGuire – Paula Peek
Karen Sarnaker – Margaret Steele – Valerie Twiggs