Much of the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay work concentrates on those individuals who might be displaced from their homes, motels, or camp sites.  There is another group, those who live out of the inundation zone who will shelter in place.  They may be able to stay in their homes but also may be able to help those seeking higher ground, hence the name: Manzanita Highlanders!

Their first meeting attracted 45 participants wanting to know how to prepare their neighborhood for catastrophic events.

Future quarterly meetings will focus on topics such as

  • Food Planning and Storage
  • Yellow Radio Communications
  • WaSH – Water, and Sanitation/Hygiene
  • Go-bags
  • Pet Safety
  • Best options for back-up power and energy resources
  • Medical options and support in our zone

The Highlanders planning group is busy developing resource maps identifying gathering sites and individuals with particular skills in communication, Wilderness Medicine, First Aid, Power and Energy among others.

Future meetings are scheduled quarterly on 2nd Saturdays in February, May, August, and October.

Mark your 2018 calendar for our next meeting of the Manzanita Highlanders:

Saturday, February 10th                  1pm to 3pm                  Hoffman Center

Please join us as Neighbor to Neighbor we take the steps to secure our homes and lives in the face of disaster.