It is now possible to order several of the hard-to-find items needed for one’s Go Bag.  Go-Bag classes have normally been the way to do this, but this has proven to be limiting.  Ordering is now as easy as possible, but certain steps must be followed.

  1. As you order, please make your own notes as to what you ordered and the cost.
  2. You will receive either by email, or phone call, an acknowledgement of your order along with the dollar amount spent.  Check this amount against your own total.
  3. The order form has a maximum quantity of six.  If you need more than six of any item, inform the caller when your order is confirmed.
  4. You will be told when  your order is available for pickup at Fire Station 13 at 36375 Highway 101N, just north of Nehalem.  Payment will be collected at pickup, cash or check to EVC.

To see what is available, follow this link:

Go-Bag Order Form