• Do you feel like you have forgotten some of the information provided in your WaSH Class?
  • Would you just like to again hear what was discussed in your WaSH Class (and maybe get some new information)?
  • Do you have questions/concerns about WaSH?
  • Are you having a problem with any of the equipment you received in your WaSH Class?
  • Is there someone in your household that did not attend your WaSH Class who would like learn about WaSH and how to use the equipment?

We are going to start having periodic WaSH Refresher Sessions which will cover all of the topics discussed in your WaSH Class and demonstrate how to use the equipment you received.  Depending on when you took the class, there may be some new information that was not covered in your class.

The Session will be an informal “lecture” format with slides and plenty of time for questions/comments.  The trainers will demonstrate how to assemble and use the equipment you received in your class.  Unlike the WaSH Class there will not be “hands on” activities.

If you are having a problem with a piece of equipment you received in your class, please bring it and at the end of the Refresher Session one of the trainers will help you with it.

Just like the WaSH Class, we are limiting the number of participants in the Refresher Session so that people can ask questions and we can have discussions about anything that might be worrying you concerning WaSH.  In this first Refresher Session, we are limiting it to 20 participants.  Therefore the first 20 people who respond will get the space.  Please click on the following link to sign up.  ( ) In your response, indicate how many people in your household will attend since the Session is limited to 20 people.  Don’t worry, if you don’t “make the first cut”, we will have addition Refresher Sessions with the number and frequency depending on interest.  Please do not sign up for this Session unless you are confident you can attend since the size is limited.

This first Refresher Session will be held on Monday, April 9 beginning PROMPTLY at 1:00 pm at Fire Station 13 on Hwy. 101.  

NOTE:  it is NOT where you took your WaSH Class.

We expect the Session to take less than 2 hours (should be closer to 1.5 hours depending on the number of questions and discussions that occur).