On May the 12th, the Manzanita Highlanders gathered at the Hoffman Center to learn more about the impact of a medium-to-major earthquake upon their neighborhood.  Not too long ago, the neighborhood north of Manzanita Avenue and east of 3rd Street realized they were out of the designated inundation zone meaning they could be playing host to those fleeing a tsunami.  How best to prepare for this?

One way to prepare would be to learn as much as possible about the effect of such an event.  To this end, the Highlanders invited local experts in several related disciplines to come and speak.  Featured at the May 12th meeting were

Dan Weitzel, Director of Manzanita Public Works

Tom Horning, Certified Geologist

Lee Hiltenbrand, Retired City of Portland Building Inspector

Mr. Weitzel addressed a recently completed study on a resiliency study on Manzanita’s water system.  He addressed the source of Manzanita’s water supply, its storage, and delivery.  A video of his presentation may be viewed by clicking this link: D.Weitzel.  There is also a copy of his slides, here.

Mr. Horning spoke on the Geological Make-Up of “The Highlands” but also included Manzanita’s general area.  His entire 45-minute presentation may be viewed at this link: T.Horning.

Mr. Hiltenbrand addressed the stability of local houses based on age.  His presentation is at this link: L.Hiltenbrand.  Unfortunately, Mr. Hiltenbrand’s time was limited at this meeting; however, another presentation by him has been scheduled for June 9th at the Pint Grove Community Center from 1 PM to 3 PM.  His topic will be Home Safety Works!  Mark your calendars.