Over the years EVCNB has sold over 400 Yellow Radios specifically programmed for use within the Nehalem Bay area as part of our emergency preparedness program. This is good news in that we have the opportunity for an effective emergency communication network spanning our communities from Neahkahnie south to Rockaway. However approximately 400 radios dispersed throughout these communities can be disastrous if users are not fully trained and well-practiced in the proper use of their Yellow Radio as an integral part of the emergency communication network of Nehalem Bay.

It is important to remember that only one person can communicate at a time on these radios. In the event of an emergency, radio communication by everyone must be efficient and effective. This requires all Yellow Radios owners to have a full understanding of not only how to use the Yellow Radio but also how the EVCNB emergency communication network functions.  Each user must also have sufficient radio experience to automatically put that knowledge into practice. 

By purchasing a Yellow Radio from EVCNB, you are agreeing to do the following:

  1. Complete two free 2-hour classes: Yellow Radio 101 (a basic class on how to use the radio) and Yellow Radio 102 (a more advanced class on how to responsibly communicate during an emergency within our emergency communication network). 
  2. Participate as often as possible in the Yellow Radio weekly net call-ins to gain the practice necessary to communicate responsibly, succinctly and effectively in the event of a highly stress-filled disaster.

If you choose not to participate fully in these activities, we ask that you do not purchase a Yellow Radio from EVCNB.

Information on Yellow Radio 101 and Yellow Radio 102 class schedules may be found at this link.

Additional questions should be addressed to yellowradio@evcnb.org