Katsumata Hiroko (R,) Josh (C.) Linda Kozlowski (L.)

Katsumata Hiroko, Senior Director of the Disaster Prevention and Crisis Management Division, Fiji City, accompanied by her interpreter, Josh, visited the EVCNB on September 1 exchanging methods of disaster preparedness and noting differences between Japan and the United States.  After the meeting, Hiroko, Josh and Susan Hayden explored Manzanita searching for photo opportunities of the ocean and the rivers.

Susan had a chance to ask Hikoko what were the things she heard that she might consider implementing in Japan.  She said that they already have planned something like our Preparedness Fair, and normally the staff would write out directions on what activities the volunteers were to do with the kids.  After hearing today of our methods, she said that she will ask the volunteers to give suggestions on what activities to do with the kids.

Those in attendance, John and Velda Handler, Jacki Hinton, Linda Kozlowski, Susan Hayden, Pat Corcoran, and Bruce Maxwell, found the meeting worthwhile as they were able to learn what other jurisdiction were doing in terms of preparedness.