Following up on the previous post, HAMSTERS of the EVCNB demonstrated a success in their efforts to reach out to points beyond the reach of day-to-day communications.  Their first task was to send a message to the Oregon state Office of Emergency Management without using either telephones or the internet.

Using ham radio only, a Situation Report was sent, received and acknowledged by the OEM.  Radio-only was a new protocol never before used by the HAMSTERS.  Configuring the local ham-radio setup for this was a learning experience to say the least.

The second test was checking into a voice, state-wide group using a single radio frequency.  So-called Nets like this are a common occurrence in ham radio.  Checking into them depends upon the chosen frequency as well as the time of day.  While it took some effort, success was achieved.

The third task was to pass a message using several hops before sending the message to it final recipient.  A fun exercise that proved the groups ability to pass messages during any situation.

Participation in this national event was a first for EVCNB’s Hamsters, but probably not the last.  Experience gained was very valuable.