Peter Nunn and Linda Kozlowski present certificate of appreciation to Stew Martin, center

Founding member Stewart Martin retires from the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB) after ten-and-a-half years of service.  Stew has been instrumental in the successes of the EVCNB, lending his skills during the many transitions, years of growth, and years of re-thinking the EVCNB’s mission.

His technical skills are stellar.  He was part of a team that helped answer the question “How prepared are we really….” He helped to create a survey, and established a way to access and take the survey online.   Stew developed a method to accurately track the results.  This fairly sophisticated process, all of which was critical, gave us answers to important questions about our regional preparedness, and led to many structural changes for EVCNB teams and trainings.

Stew was part of the team that led the transition from Map Your Neighborhood to Prepare Your Neighborhood.  The need for this transition was clearly identified in the 2015 survey.

Because of his extensive travels in 3rd world countries and his work on water sanitation and hygiene, he helped to lead a team that developed a personal sanitation system, narrowing the thousands of options and identifying what is best for our community after any disaster.  He also helped to train his replacement on the Board, critical to the EVCNB’s sustainability!