Chief Perry Sherbaugh Receives Award from Linda Kozlowski, EVCNB President

During its 2019 Annual Meeting, the EVCNB presented a very special award for a very special leader in our community!  He is a native son, the first Public Safety Officer for the City of Manzanita, the very first Fire Chief of our NBF&R and a founder of the EVCNB.

Chief Perry Sherbaugh has given so much to the community and has been a leader and strong supporter of community emergency preparedness.  From the first, it was his strong believe that the community needed to be self-sufficient and learn how to take care of itself.

In 2007, hurricane-force winds isolated Manzanita for almost a week.  Perry was in the Emergency Operations Center with little or no help for 36 hours straight with people literally across the street wanting to help but did not know how.  That was the beginning of EVCNB.

Since that time, Perry has been committed to and has dedicated himself to his fire volunteers, the community and the region and most importantly, to EVCNB.  Without Perry, the EVCNB would not exist today.

In August of this year he will retire and he will deeply missed!