Margaret Steele (left) and Karen Sarnaker at Manzanita’s Farmer’s Market

Yellow Radio

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Communication is the most important component of emergency preparedness and response.

In many emergencies, including a Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami, usual communication pathways like landlines, cell phones, and the Internet, will almost certainly be destroyed.

What’s the alternative? Radio!

In the Nehalem Bay Area, EVCNB has a two-part Radio communications program.

The Yellow Radio program uses handheld walkie-talkie type radios to communicate locally in neighborhoods, and more widely across the entire Nehalem Bay Area, using a Repeater. EVCNB provides training on how to use the radios, and drills to practice what you’ve learned. We emphasize communication within neighborhoods and Zones.

Every Thursday at 6PM, there is a Yellow Radio Net ​where we practice our skills. The Net starts in Zones (neighborhoods) with a Zone Check-in, and then each Zone reports Zone check-ins to Net Control on Channel 119, the EVCNB repeater channel.

A Yellow Radio training class is offered quarterly. If you’re interested in taking a class, or if you have any other questions, please send us an email at ​

Ham Radio

Ham Radio is a step up in power and complexity from Yellow Radio. Your Yellow Radio works on Ham channels as well as walkie-talkie channels. To become a Ham radio operator, you must have a license, which requires taking an exam. You then have access to multiple Ham channels, the ability to communicate over longer distances, and the ability to use both voice and digital communication modes.

The ​Hamsters​ is the Nehalem Bay Area’s Ham Radio club. We meet monthly, on the 3r​ d Monday, at 4PM at the Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue Training Room. Meetings last about an hour, and each meeting has an educational and/or training component. For information about upcoming meeting topics and other Ham activities, please visit the EVCNB Website at ​​. Hover over the “Emergency Communication” tab, then on Ham, then click on Ham Public Information. Everyone is welcome to these meetings.

There is a weekly Ham Net on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM on the Manzanita Repeater​, Channel 005 on locally programmed radios.

For questions about local Ham radio activities, email us at ​​.
For more information about Ham Radio, including how to get licensed, check out the

Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) Website at ​ WE HOPE TO HEAR YOU ON THE AIR!