The Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay will offer its three-hour Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene class Saturday, Nov. 9 at the old fire station in Manzanita at 165 S. 5th Street. The session will start at 9 a.m.

The class is limited to eight households, and advance registration is required. Persons or households interested in attending must register online at

The training costs $110 per household, which covers all the materials – ceramic water filter, granular chlorine, test strips, several five-gallon buckets, snap-on toilet seats, plus other supplies and materials.

Students will assemble and take home their own water filtration system and hand washing station. They will also learn how to find, disinfect, store, and use water safely; plus  follow effective personal hygiene techniques.

Questions about the classes can be emailed to More information about disaster hygiene and other disaster preparedness topics is available at the Emergency Volunteer Corp’s website —

The Manzanita classes are limited to residents of the Nehalem Bay Area. (Rockaway Beach has its own classes that can be accessed by emailing

When the giant earthquake – the Cascadia Subduction Zone “Big One” — happens along the Oregon coast, disaster planners expect it will damage or destroy water and sewer lines, knocking them out of service for months.

To cope with this disaster, each household will have to find and haul its own water, filter or disinfect it to make it safe to drink, and dispose of the urine and feces people will produce. People will also need to practice effective hand washing to avoid spreading disease.

WaSH students will learn life and safety skills and be provided equipment to deal with each of these critical needs.