During any stress-filled event, it is vital that all of us are secure knowing we have the information we need and the necessary material items to live through the event and maybe on our own for several days.

Let’s start with what we need to know.  Do you, your spouse, and your kids know where to be and whom to contact?  Here are two sheets that, properly completed, could prove lifesaving.

Family Communication Plan for Kids.  Download a pdf version here.

Family Communication Plan for Parents.  Download a pdf version here.

Download these forms, print them, fill them out and keep copies where you can find them in an emergency.  Knowing each family member is safe gives peace of mind!  Next.  What is needed in the terms of food, water, clothing, etc. to feel comfortable and safe?

The list can be long and seem almost impossible to ever acquire the items you need.  There is a simple way to build your kit, acquire items over time as you can afford them.  Here are links to illustrations for you to consider:

What would you need during the first three minutes?  Some suggestions here.

What about the first three hours?  Suggestions here.

What about the first three daysHere.

If the event lasts more than several days, what would you need for three weeksHere.

What about even longer than three weeks?  If “The Big One” hits, we understand we could be on our own longer than three weeks.  What about three months?  Some suggestions here.

Many items in these illustrations are common and easily found and purchased.  Some are more difficult to locate.  The EVC wants to help by offering for purchase some of the more hard-to-find personal survival items.  An order form may be downloaded here.

It is also possible to order a combination flashlight and NOAA weather radio, or a AC/Battery-powered radio capable of responding to NOAA’s alerts, and a multi-function FDA certified emergency kit.  You may find more information and an order form here .