Board of Directors

  • Dan Haag

    Business Outreach Lead

  • Lee Hiltenbrand

    Public Works Augmentation Team (Manzanita)

    Our community, being vulnerable to any number of natural or man-made disasters, provides a perfect opportunity to be involved in preparedness activity. EVCNB is a dedicated platform for creating a ready response and helping ensure the safety of the Nehalem Bay area. 
  • Paul Knight

    GoBag Lead

    As a retired ER nurse, I know emergencies can happen any time. In 1989, I experienced San Francisco’s powerful and devastating “Loma Prieta” quake.Having a plan and taking quick action can save lives in a major disaster. It’s an honor to serve on the EVCNB Board, dedicated to Emergency Preparedness.
  • Linda Kuestner

    Database Administrator

    The tornado that struck Manzanita in the Fall of 2016 made a lasting impact on me. Not only was the destruction immediate and significant, but our community’s response to it was similarly immediate and significant. Soon after the last winds died down, volunteers were out on the streets assessing damage to the city’s infrastructure and any harm that may have come to its citizens. One volunteer in a bright yellow jacket with a Yellow Radio was able to tell us after a quick call in, the status of Highway 101 soon after the storm. It was an eye-opening introduction to the EVCNB; their efforts to teach our community about preparedness is critically important. I'm privileged to be able to contribute to an organization that is as vibrant and essential as the EVCNB.
  • Bruce Maxwell

    Webmaster and Emergency Communications

    My interest in amateur radio led me into the sciences in college. I earned my first ham license in 1962 and assembled a transmitter from a kit. My interest has never waned over the years. With advances in technology, it is as strong as ever. Using one of the newest digital communication mode, I've made contacts all over the world. Offering my skills to the EVCNB seemed only natural.
  • Bill Peek

    Emergency Communications

  • Debbie Boone

    Honorary Board Member

  • Stevie Burden

    Honorary Board Member

  • Mike Scott

    Honorary Board Member

    “The Emergency Volunteer Corps, under the leadership of Linda Kozlowski and with the active partnerships of Tillamook County and Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue, has changed the culture of our North County community. We have moved from complacency to preparedness. There are now 300 trained and committed volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities, including Corps leadership, public events, drills and communications. The Emergency Volunteer Corps is now reaching out to other communities in the County and elsewhere. Our community is deeply appreciative of the Emergency Volunteer Corps.”
  • Perry Sherbaugh

    Honorary Board Member

    “EVCNB saves lives by educating people on how to prepare for and survive during disasters. EVCNB is an invaluable resource to Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue District.”
Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay