It’s All About Knowing What Is Happening!

During an emergency, whether large or small, being able to access reliable information is of upmost importance.  Sometimes just knowing you aren’t alone is enough to settle your nerves and gets your mind ready to decide upon the next best step.  It’s all about communication!

Within the Manzanita, Nehalem, Wheeler, and Rockaway Beach area, plans are in place to make communication easy whether or not you are a “First Responder.”  These plans make it possible for neighbors to reach out to neighbors, neighborhoods to reach out to neighborhoods, cities to reach out to cities.  Using inexpensive two-way radios, affectionately dubbed “our little yellow radios,” we are in touch!

Our geographic area has been organized into zones with each zone using a radio channel separate from the other, neighboring zones.  If you haven’t learned what zone you’re in, here’s a map to help you.

Zone Map

Now that you know your zone, what radio channel should you use?  Here’s a chart to help.

Radio Channel Assignments