The Federal Communications Commission has recently clarified that a license is required to use radios on the GMRS frequencies.

The EVCNB recommends that all Yellow Radio users get a GMRS License and call sign.

A GMRS license is good for ten years, is valid for the licensee’s immediate family, and costs $70.

 No exam is required.

 Here’s how to get your GMRS license.

1. Go to the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS)

You must first register for an FCC Registration Number (FRN) if you don’t already have one. If you do have an FRN there is no need to obtain a new one! Click on the Register Button at the top.

  1. Complete FRN Registration

Make sure you choose individual, and confirm your address. Fill out the form entirely, and make sure the info is correct.

3. Apply for and Purchase a GMRS License

In the left menu at the top select Apply for a New License. Then in the dropdown list, at the very bottom select ZA-General Mobile Radio Service and hit the blue Continue button

4. Complete Your Application and Pay

Complete your application by filling out some additional information. Continue to the certification section, and certify your information is true and correct

5. Save Your License

Every individual is different in regards to how fast the FCC gets the application processed after payment. Check your license manager page to see if it’s available, if you missed the option to save and download it when the payment cleared

6. Check Your License

Now and in the future, you can view, modify, apply for a new license and download your existing ones