The Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB) is beginning a program whose sole purpose is to train individuals to access property damages as related to public safety, Preliminary Safety Assessment (PreSA).  An important tool for this assessment is a reporting form as well as a overall tracking form. Links to these two forms are listed below.

EVCNB’s program is just beginning; however, it is not a new program in other parts of the United States. Take a look at this video from Cupertino, CA, for a good look at what others have accomplished.

These two items from Ed Moments are worth reading:

What Does PreSA Stand For?
What Is a PreSA Form?
Observing and Reporting Hazards in Your Neighborhood
Getting and Displaying Your HELP/OK Sign

Below are links to two PreSA forms commonly used:
Link to the Preliminary Safety Assessment (PreSA) Form
Link to the EVCNB Zone PreSA Rollup Tracking Form

Additional information will be included here as the PreSA program develops. Stay tuned!