Keep a collar, current license and up-to date ID tags on your pet at all times. Consider having your pet microchipped. If you are visiting our area, tape local information (where you are staying, contact number, etc.) to your pet’s collar.

Make sure your pet is comfortable being in a crate, box, cage, or carrier for transport.

Give a house key to a trusted neighbor who could assist you in an emergency in the event you are away from home when disaster strikes. Use the buddy system so that your neighbor knows your pet and its habits and you know theirs.

Tighten and secure latches on birdcages. Fasten down aquariums on low stands or tables.

Do not leave pets behind in an evacuation! If it’s not safe to stay in the disaster area, it’s not safe for your pets. Animals left behind in a disaster can easily be injured, lost or killed. Once you leave home, you have no way of knowing how long you’ll be kept out of the area and you may not be able to go back for your pets.

If you don’t evacuate, bring pets indoors during an emergency and keep them in a safe room.

Make a GoBag for each pet. Place in your pet’s carrier or in your GoBag. Include the following:

  • Sturdy leashes and pet carriers. If a carrier is not available, a pillowcase can be used to transport cats and other small animals.
  • Muzzles for dogs if applicable.
  • Food, potable water and medicine (in waterproof bag) for at least two weeks.
  • Non-spill bowls, manual can opener and plastic lid.
  • Plastic bags, litter box and litter, rubber gloves, paper towels.
  • Recent photo of each pet (best if you are in the photo with your pet, as this aids in proving ownership).
  • Names and phone numbers of your emergency contact, emergency veterinary hospitals and animal shelters.
  • Copy of your pet’s vaccination history, list of medications and any medical problems.
  • Information to assist a stranger in caring for your pet at a shelter: name, feeding schedule, personality traits, special needs.
  • Pet first aid kit.
  • A favorite blanket/towel, pet beds, and toys.