EVC teams use the National Incident Response (NIMS) format established by FEMA, so the coordination between private citizens, our three cities, Tillamook County and local businesses is well organized and so the chain of command is understood by all.

EVC members take Incident Command Structure (ICS) courses provided by NIMS, as do local police and fire personnel and others who will be involved in a disaster.

The FEMA website lists all the courses. Click on each link, then click on Independent Study to read about each course, download the materials, and take the test. We recommend you take these courses in this order:

All of these are online self-study courses, with exams taken on the honor system. Courses 300 and 400 are only offered as a live class, and most of our volunteers will be served well by taking the 100.c, 200.b, and 700.b series.

When you have taken and passed each class, please send this information to Mike McGuire at mcg.mike@gmail.com.