The Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) coordinates efforts to plan and implement delivery of medical care in our community in case of emergency. Emergency conditions can quickly isolate our community from outside medical resources, including access to hospitals in Seaside and Tillamook, so it is vital that we plan for local access to healthcare in the event of a disaster.

We work with The Rinehart and Manzanita Adventist Health Clinics, Tillamook County Health Department, Tillamook Regional Medical Center, American Red Cross and others to provide medical support for our local clinics as well as emergency shelters.

The Nehalem Bay MRC is a registered Medical Reserve Corps under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Medical professionals in the MRC may work in emergency situations to provide medical and psychological support at shelters and local clinics, in neighborhood assembly areas, or elsewhere as needed. In the absence of an emergency, MRC members also promote community well-being and preparedness by teaching disaster First Aid, including to CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) volunteers, supporting Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue with a Firefighter Rehab program, and engaging with community partners to plan for disasters.
Potential volunteers include full-time residents or second home owners who are or were healthcare providers. All kinds of healthcare providers are welcome and needed, including nurses, physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, EMTs, pharmacists, veterinarians, mental health professionals, social workers and many others. Anyone with a healthcare background is welcome to join us. If you’re wondering how you can help, please contact us!
To provide emergency medical support, MRC members will need skills outside the usual office or even hospital practice, including emergency/first responder skills and the ability to practice in austere conditions with limited supplies, equipment and specialist support. Thus the MRC provides training opportunities in needed skills, such as Psychological First Aid, Disaster First Aid and Wilderness First Aid, both to MRC members and to the wider emergency preparedness community.

To find upcoming training opportunities, please visit our EVCNB calendar.

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