Recognizing that communication during any emergency is of the upmost importance, the Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay (EVCNB) has launched an effort aimed at improving communication skills of all its members.  Past nets asked nothing more from those checking in than to acknowledge their presence by keying the radio and responding with “No Traffic” once their name was called.  Check-ins are now called by zones.  (Don’t know your zone? Here’s a map.)

By adopting the new format, EVC personnel will experience a more-realistic radio experience.  For example, the net-control station (NC) invites a range of stations to “check-in.”  The range might consist of individuals whose first names begin with the letters A though H in Zone 1.  This can cause more than one station to transmit at a time.  Generally, the stronger station wins!  If NC fails to acknowledge a check-in, that station was “walked on.”  Try again.  This happens frequently in real life!

An incentive encouraging more participation has been added!  Occasionally a drawing is planned offering a useful prize!  The more an individual checks in, the greater the chance of winning a prize.

However, more important than a prize is the opportunity to sharpen communication skills.  Each Thursday offers a short, skill-enhancement moment.  An effort will be made to make these presentations available here on the web at Learning Events from Thursday’s Net.

Questions about the EVCNB’s use of these radios may be directed at